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Islamic Center

We are an Islamic institute devoted to the international Muslim community of Southern California in the Orange County. We are located in the heart of the City of Cypress at 5900 Ball Road Cypress CA 90630.

Our goal is to serve the community at large by promoting goodwill and understanding about Islam and represent a vibrant community from all lifestyles that strives to serve Islam and be a united community that thrives to be better by embracing the teachings of Allah and his prophet (SAW) into their lives.

From November 05, 2023

Our Philosophy

A critical component of every Muslims journey is knowledge.

Ihsan was the way of our Messenger

We pray together, we break our fast together, Islam is community
Being in service to others is the duty of every Muslim

Support us,
we need your help.

May Allah bless you! Thank you. Those who (in charity) spend of their goods by night and by day, in secret and in public, have their reward with their Lord


Islam teaches us that marriage is an important part of our life

Taking the shahada, profession of the Islamic faith, is one of the biggest decisions

Special Announcements


Community with over 14 different nationalities represented.


Over 120 men and women attend the weekly Jumma prayer service.

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60 percent of our community is under the age of 34.

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